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Release v1.0.2   [Tip]

By: Martijn Coppoolse   Homepage   Voorburg, NL  
Date: Feb 19,2015 at 03:39
In Response to: Release v1.0.2 (Andrew Watson)

> Preview Engine button isn't live. You can only access the drop down
> menu by clicking the down arrow character. This really gets on my nerves.

The "Preview Engine" button currently does the same thing as the "(autoselect)" item: it selects the next handler available for the current file. Of course, if there is no handler (or only one), this won't have any discernible effect.

But the tiny arrow button's started getting on my nerves, too. I will probably get rid of the current row of toolbar buttons (only used to disable/enable all handlers for the specified provider), and replace them by buttons equivalent to the current drop-down menu. Each button will open what is now a submenu of the drop-down menu.

> When I click on the Use Text button on a .ZTM file it doesn't display
> the contents. It displays a blank white page icon. When I point to a .TXT
> file it displays a lined page icon.

The 'use ...' buttons only serve to enable/disable all handlers of a specific provider.
All those buttons are pressed (and therefore enabled) on startup, so clicking it once will actually disable the text viewer. As I wrote above, I had already been thinking of removing those buttons, since the 'Manage' dialog will allow disabling each handler individually.

The "(autoselect)" menu items just select the next preview handler that says it can handle the current file (indicated by a check mark).
The brackets and lack of capitalisation merely serve to illustrate that it's different from the other menu items. :-)

Your post just illustrates how non-intuitive the current user interface really is. :-)


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