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Cactus = Strine = Oz Slang   [Tip]

By: Andrew Watson     Perth, Western Australia  
Date: Feb 19,2015 at 04:12
In Response to: Cactus? (Martijn Coppoolse)

> > When I clicked on far right button (no tooltip currently because
> ZP
> > is cactus)

It's probably Oz only slang but possibly UK as well.

I haven't looked it up but the way I understand it, it is a slightly clean way of saying "it shat itself" which is itself a less than clean way of saying "it shitted itself".

Since I'm educating you in Strine you need to know that shat is not an official past tense of shit. Again an Australian term.

Strine is the name of Australian slang - Or strine lin - how Australian is pronounced with your mouth closed to keep out the flies.

Cack is shit as in the expression "baby cack brown" which you as a new father are more than familiar with, if not the expression.

"It cacked itself" becomes "it's cactus".

Where cack comes from I have no idea.

Andrew Watson

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