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[Wish] Print Command Enhancements   [Wish]

By: Art Kocsis     So Calif  
Date: Apr 08,2015 at 19:42

Add a Print command option to capture tagged folders in directory mode ("w"), lists [minimum].
Add Print options to easily capture any ZTree display window or tagged content [ideal].

It would be very useful to be able to create a simple linear (flat), list of tagged directories. IOW, capture a text "screenshot" of the directory window in directory + branch mode. Invoking a "screenshot" paradigm would allow tailoring the captured content according to the current display settings such as Alt-F, Alt-K and Alt-S. The "screenshot" should include the entire branch content, including off screen directories.

The current Tree format of the print command is useful but it has some shortcomings:

1 - The ZTree tree graphic characters are not commonly supported
in most text editors
2 - It does not include directory attributes (date, time, etc)
3 - It is not sortable by name or attribute

A linear directory list of one directory per line would provide those features and greatly facilitate managing huge directory trees. A couple of additional options unique to a linear directory list would be really nice:

1 - Option to output the list in hierarchical order (either sorted or
unsorted within directory level). Indentation is not necessary but
could be an option.
2 - Option to prepend a column of the (relative) directory hierarchical
level: e.g., 1 for top level, 2 for first sub-dir, 3 for third, etc

Ideally, generalize this function to capture a text "screenshot" of any/all ZTW displayed content. I have often had to repeatably use the tedious Right Click | Edit | Mark method to capture tailored screen content that extends over multiple windows or even just multiple single windows. For example, to capture the content of the statistics page (the "?" key), currently requires a right click, Edit, Mark, drag, right click, change focus to a text editor, paste and save. Then repeat for each drive. This is not too bad for one or two drives but for twenty it gets old real fast. As well as getting error prone. It would make life much easier to have a simple command (analogous to the keyboard "Print Screen" button), or short command sequence to capture the text content of a ZTW window directly to a file.

I expect some time, thought and discussion will be necessary to generalize "screenshot" capture. Not the least would be how to differentiate between a single screen capture and capturing a list of, say, 200 tagged directories. Perhaps Displayed vs Tagged content?

Namaste', Art

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