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By: Art Kocsis     So Calif  
Date: Apr 28,2015 at 06:48

This is a follow up to a previous post regarding 7-Zip & PACL.

After inadvertently compressing a medium-large (9 MB), tree with PACL 4.01 (I forgot the default was still set to PACL), and since I had touted 7-Zip's performance, I decided to compare PACL with 7-Zip. Here are the results:

Type #files Orig Size Arkvr Arkv Size %Orig
==== ====== ========= ===== ========= =====
Text† 202 5,953,549 7-Zip 314,916 5.3%
PwrA 1,425,316 23.9%

Imgs‡ 1,017 3,184,521 7-Zip 1,948,400 61.2%
PwrA 3,041,610 95.5%

All 1,219 9,138,070 7-Zip 2,259,468 24.7%
PwrA 4,466,906 48.9%

Time to compress ~1-2 sec (all cases)
Time to view file <1 sec (all cases)

HP ST1710NX (AMD Sempron 3400+ CPU/DDR2 RAM, Win XP SP2, SSD Source & target

7-Zip v9.20
PACL v4.01

† Text (#files) = HTML(37), CSS(26), JS(138), TXT(1)
‡ Imgs (#files) = BMP(1), GIF(915), JPG(98), SWF(3)

These are "eye-ball" times but, in essence, there is no practical difference. Viewing the first file or the last via Alt-F5 was practically instantaneous for both archivers. (And this is on an OLD system!) My comment about 7z taking longer was probably due to updating a multi-gigabyte archive (it's been awhile). This one is "merely" multi-megabyte! (You have to have spent a lot of time working with 240KB 8" floppy disks to appreciate that!)

Expressing compression performance as a percentage of the original size makes more sense to me than the usual ratio (which is so anathema to me that my mind refuses to remember what it is!). Anyway, although 5% is by far not the best 7zip can do, it is much better than the 24% of PACL. 7Zip even does a pretty fair compression of image files whereas PACL shouldn't bother trying. If I can find the time I will post a more thorough comparison with more archivers and actual measured run times. No promises.

Hmmm. The code tag doesn't seem to invoke a fixed pitch font. Is there any other way to force fixed pitch? The "PwrA" was supposed to line up under the "Arkv/7-Zip" column.

Namaste', Art

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