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[Tip] 7-Zip vs Power Archiver   [Tip]

By: Art Kocsis     So Calif  
Date: Apr 28,2015 at 15:30
In Response to: [Tip] 7-Zip vs Power Archiver (Oliver Pretzel)

> As a cross check I compressed a 5.8MB tree of (8bit ANSI) text files
> using 7z and PKZIPC (I don't use PACL for compression but it produces
> ZIP archives by default and cannot produce 7z archives). 7z produced an
> archive of just under 2MB, PKZIP produced one of just over 2MB the
> difference was under 100KB. The result might be different with 16bit
> unicode text files as these contain a very large number of 00 bytes.
> It is tricky to compare archivers but on the whole 7zip produces better
> compression but is much slower than PKZIP. For example compressing my
> nandroid backups (890MB) 7z takes 6m30s and produces a file of 461MB,
> PKZIPC takes 1m20s and produces a file of 542MB. Extracting the files
> PKZIP takes 18s 7zip takes 1m30s.
> The point of using PACL with ZTree is not that it is a superior
> archiver, but that it shows and extracts tar.gz and tar.bz2 files in a
> single step. 7zip only shows the inner tar archive at the first step. You
> have to extract it and then open it to show the contents of the archive.
> That makes it useless for displaying the contents of such archives in
> ZTree.
> Oliver

Interesting. I went back and checked the text files that I used and they were all 8-bit ANSI. I started with 5.9MB which compressed to 0.3MB - vastly different than your experience, 5.8MB to 2+MB. In fact, I can't remember getting such low compression as you did.

I am running 7z v9.22 beta with default level. You?

Yes, I know use PACL strictly for the tar.gz files. That's why I posted the F9 menu script for you. F9, Enter to use the GUI is almost as easy as Alt-F5 to use the ZTW UI.

I wasn't picking on PACL. It was still set as the default archiver after trying it out and I suspect most ZIP archivers use pretty much the same algorithm and get similar results. Zip results are going to vary widely depending on compression levels requested.

BTW, I just looked at UltimateZip. The console modules say they support gsip & tar. You may want to check it out. The GUI ver is $20 but I think the console modules are freeware.

Namaste', Art

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