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[Wish] Enter does NOT log directory after TreeSpec   [Wish]

By: Dan LeGate       
Date: Jul 07,2015 at 18:12

Hi all,

It's been a while since I posted. Still here! Using ZTW every day!

I would personally like an option (YACO) to have Ztree NOT log the directory I've selected during TreeSpec.

I'm usually going to the "root" of a branch that I work in often, but I rarely need that top directory logged. Yes, I know about Shift-ESC, and I can Alt-[R]elease the Current directory, and I do those, but that's tedious, especially when I'm remoting in using a Phone keyboard, which makes you jump through hoops to type non-standard keys. Enter is always on the standard keyboard.

I would LOVE to just be able to hit enter twice if I really want it logged, and have TreeSpec's optional behavior just leave me at that directory unlogged when I hit enter once.

Am I alone in that desire?



PS - many apologies if I've missed this feature coming through already. I try to read all the Zeta notes... I really do! :)

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