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[Wish] Do not overwrite history (ZTW.HST) with multiple instances   [Wish]

By: Chris F       
Date: Jul 19,2015 at 23:00

(Possible bug?)

When running ZTW it seems like the HST file is loaded once on start up and saved upon exit.

This means that when running multiple instances of the client, all history is overwritten as you close each instance leaving the history in the state of the client that was closed last.

Just thinking of a possible solution to this which would be to re-load the file on screen-load of those that have history and saving the file on every change.

While there still might be a potential of changes being overwritten it'll be limited to 1 or 2 lines, as opposed to the entire session.

Another way about solving the above issue would be to re-load the file just before save as well which might resolve all data loss?

While it's extra work, a user will be switching between clients and changing history one at a time, there shouldnt be a case of 2 changes being run simultaneously.

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