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[Tip] ZTreeWin10 - Adding to Start Screen and request for larger icon   [Tip]

By: Andrew Watson     Perth, Western Australia  
Date: Jul 23,2015 at 22:21
In Response to: [Tip] ZTreeWin10 - Adding to Start Screen and request for larger icon (Paul Laufer)

> Is THAT the Windows 10 desktop and start menu? If so... ew!
> Is there a non-booger-finger mode for people who use a more accurate
> pointing device? :)

That's not the Desktop on the RHS. It's the "touch friendly" area of the Start Menu.

The Start Menu can be run in full screen mode or it can be run in pop-up mode.

When in pop-up mode you can drag the width and height (separately - there's no diagonal corner drag arrow) to cover about 90% of the screen (on my 1680*1050 monitor).

Alternatively, you can drag it until it covers about 25% of the screen. This is a very bad idea because, if you have all optional links enabled, some of them get hidden but there's no scroll bar so you can't display them - BUG!

At the same time the "touch friendly" part does have a scroll bar so you can access the hidden tiles. Go figure.

If you want to get a "Windows 7 look" Start Menu you can right click on the tiles and "Unpin from Start". I haven't tested this to see what it looks like because I quite like having the tiles for quick access to programs, even on my non-touch notebook.

Andrew Watson

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