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[OT] Michael Kahn   [OT]

By: Al Combs       
Date: Jul 29,2015 at 11:52
In Response to: [OT] Michael Kahn (Frances Wohlfelder)

> What became of Michael Kahn? Is he still around?
> I only swing by this forum occasionally these days, so unfortunately
> don't have my finger on the ZTree pulse like I used to...
> -- Frances

There was this post from Kim in Feb 2011 saying Michael had been sick:

But the last reference to Michael, that I saw, was this Nov 2012 post by Laurent:

I found it interesting that Laurent's reference to Michael was more than two years after his last post. I was glad to hear he was alive and lurking. I was also curious as to why someone so invested in the forum would suddenly vanished. Every now and then I'll read a post and wonder, what would Michael say? Come back Michael, we miss your wit.

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