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[Wish] Do not overwrite history (ZTW.HST) with multiple instances   [Wish]

By: Bill Kingsbury       
Date: Jul 31,2015 at 18:03
In Response to: [Wish] Do not overwrite history (ZTW.HST) with multiple instances (Chris F)

> (Possible bug?)
> When running ZTW it seems like the HST file is loaded once on start up
> and saved upon exit.
> This means that when running multiple instances of the client, all
> history is overwritten as you close each instance leaving the history in
> the state of the client that was closed last. (...)

This has always been a problem when running multiple instances of ZTW.

There's apparently a solution available (see below), however I hope the "ease of use" can be improved.

The existing method seems so complicated I have never attempted it.

I'd like to see an option added to the ZTreeWin installer, to immediately install three (3) instances of ZTreeWin, with a full set of alternate configuration files (and similar, but unique icons).

Hopefully, this 'option' would include, a simplified user interface to (optionally) allow configuring the separate ZTW instances while running the ZTW installer.


--- from ZTW.HLP - 3.6 History Lists:

CAUTION: If there are multiple instances of ZTreeWin running they will all write to the same [ZTW.HST] history file. Since the history is held in memory until the ZTreeWin instance ends, the history from the last running instance of ZTreeWin will overwrite the history files from the other instances [--] unless alternate configuration files are used.

--- below, from ZTW.HLP - 3.14 Auxiliary Files:

The following ten configuration files are normally located in the ZTreeWin
installation directory. However, in order to support running ZTreeWin with
alternate configurations, modified copies of these files may be located in
alternate directories.

To run ZTreeWin with an alternate configuration, copy one or more of these
files to another directory. Then create a new shortcut to ZTW.EXE, and for
ZTW.INI and ZCOLORS.INI set the /ZI and /ZC command-line options, or set the
"Working" or "Start in" directory to this alternate directory. ZTreeWin will
then use these files for configuration settings. In this way you can create
several shortcuts to start ZTreeWin with different initial settings. If you
do not want ZTreeWin to actually start with that directory current, you can
use the command line to specify the desired initial current drive and
directory, while still using the alternate configuration files in the
"Working" or "Start in" directory.

The ten relocatable configuration files are:



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