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[Wish] Do not overwrite history (ZTW.HST) with multiple instances   [Wish]

By: Bill Kingsbury       
Date: Jul 31,2015 at 22:22
In Response to: [Wish] Do not overwrite history (ZTW.HST) with multiple instances (Bill Kingsbury)

> I'd like to see an option added to the ZTreeWin installer, to
> immediately install three (3) instances of ZTreeWin, with a full set
> of alternate configuration files (and similar, but unique icons).
> Hopefully, this 'option' would include, a simplified user interface
> to (optionally) allow configuring the separate ZTW instances while
> running the ZTW installer.

With the above approach, the ZTW installer could be used -- and reused -- to easily install a user- selected number of additional ZTW instances (up to some maximum number). (Perhaps 'uninstall' instances, also.)

Another issue is the convenient sharing of history items between ZTW instances.

... Suggestion: ... Add a 'Shift-Tab' key command within the History dialogs, to provide access to the corresponding History sections of the other ZTW instances (currently running or not) -- similar to how the 'Tab' key command currently allows the Dir-mode history items to be accessed and used within the File-mode history dialogs, and vice versa.

... Suggestion: ... Add a 'Save Master History' key command to 'Merge' all of the user's ZTW.HST files into a separate 'master' ZTW.HST file (with line duplicates omitted). The master ZTW.HST file would not affect the other, separate ZTW.HST files until commanded to overwrite one, or all of them. ... Consider providing automatic backups of the 3 most-recent generations of *each* the ZTW.HST files (such as ZTW.HST.101, ZTW.HST.102, and ZTW.HST.103 for the 1st instance), before overwriting the 'ZTW.HST instance' file.

The ZTW.HST files of the separate instances would be overwritten by the freshly compiled, master ZTW.HST file at the closing of the last-running ZTW instance, or in case of power failure (etc.) upon the eventual relaunch of ZTW.

( In the case of conflict between 'bookmarked' history entries when merging to a master ZTW.HST file, the duplicate bookmark alpha-numeric markers would be abandoned when contained in higher-numbered secondary instances.)

... Suggestion: ... Consider transferring the ZTW 'temporary' files -- as well as the default locations of the 'alternate configuration files' -- from this location:


...to the sub-directories, here:



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