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[Wish] Do not overwrite history (ZTW.HST) with multiple instances   [Wish]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Aug 01,2015 at 15:03
In Response to: [Wish] Do not overwrite history (ZTW.HST) with multiple instances (Chris F)

> (Possible bug?)
> When running ZTW it seems like the HST file is loaded once on start up
> and saved upon exit.
> This means that when running multiple instances of the client, all
> history is overwritten as you close each instance leaving the history in
> the state of the client that was closed last.
> Just thinking of a possible solution to this which would be to re-load
> the file on screen-load of those that have history and saving the file on
> every change.
> While there still might be a potential of changes being overwritten
> it'll be limited to 1 or 2 lines, as opposed to the entire session.
> Another way about solving the above issue would be to re-load the file
> just before save as well which might resolve all data loss?
> While it's extra work, a user will be switching between clients and
> changing history one at a time, there shouldnt be a case of 2 changes
> being run simultaneously.

As Bill stated alternate configurations can be used to stop overwriting the history file.

Also the F3 Save, F4 Load and Alt-F10 Maintenance, history list function keys might help.

But it sounds like you want to merge the history lists from multiple instances which cannot be done in ZTree.

You could write a script/program that does the merging of the history file, then launch ZTree from a CMD script that does a backup of the history file to a random named file, launches ZTree, then after ZTree closes calls the history merger.

Maybe a new F? on the history lists to "Merge and save" which could have a command line switch that uses that at ZTree exit instead of the current overwrite.

A more radical ZEP would be for ZTree to be able to have multiple windows sharing the one memory block, then all instances of that process would get one logged, tagged and history lists. But writing multi threaded code that is accessing one data set is not a simple thing.

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