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SOE = Standard Operating Environment   [Tip]

By: Andrew Watson     Perth, Western Australia  
Date: Aug 01,2015 at 23:01
In Response to: SOE builders ??? (Alan Smedley)

> Andrew as the subject says SOE builders ???

Standard Operating Environment = the, usually automatic, installation of programs and configuration of settings for all /subset of PCs in an organisation.

In my last job whenever a new PC was delivered to the branch I worked in, a flag file was created to "brand" it as belonging to a branch member, to prevent the PCs of visitors from other branches being converted to the branch SOE.

Whenever a new user logged on the corporate logon script checked the IP address and then ran the branch logon script.

The branch logon script installed branch specific software that the corporate SOE designers didn't feel was required but which I did, such as PDF print drivers or image viewers.

It also installed all the printers available in the branch and shortcuts to the branch intranet homepage, that I was the webmaster for.

I was the organisation webmaster, and organisation Help Desk technical lead before that, including SOE design, before corporate IT was outsourced and I got a job as the branch IT support engineer. The branch was spending over $1 billion per year so management thought it was worth my high level engineer salary to have someone (a team of 2 actually) to provide instant hands on support at construction sites (eg dam or desal plant) where any delay could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per day. If you went through the corporate help desk that was outsourced to who knows where overseas the chance of getting anyone who knew anything about the site office and who would treat it with the required urgency was zero - "Australia, that's next to Switzerland right".

We also arranged for the installation of all site office services such as office buildings, security, power, catering, water, sewerage, voice and data telecoms, digital cameras for site photography, two ways, EPIRBS, satnav devices, PCs, printers, scanners and backup.

At one non-branch site office that initially we weren't involved with, outsourced corporate IT connected the printers, scanners and backup to a server in HQ - not very sensible when you have slow, expensive data lines. We put in a local server to handle things.

You name it. If it had electricity in it, and even if it didn't, we organised and supported it.

My previous partner who took over when I retired 7 years ago was made redundant last month. The toecutters have decided that it is better to get rid of someone who costs say $100,000 per year and carry the risk of all the services on site not being done properly.

Andrew Watson

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