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SOE = Standard Operating Environment   [Tip]

By: Alan Smedley     Sydney Australia  
Date: Aug 01,2015 at 23:13
In Response to: SOE = Standard Operating Environment (Andrew Watson)


> Standard Operating Environment = the, usually automatic, installation
> of programs and configuration of settings for all /subset of PCs in an
> organisation.

Thanks for the detailed explaination - I had looked SOE up and found many descriptions that could fit with what I have previously gleaned of your work.

> ...... when I retired 7 years ago was made redundant last month. The toecutters
> have decided that it is better to get rid of someone who costs say $100,000 per
> year and carry the risk .....

That may not bite today or tomorrow or even next month, but when it does it will bite hard.

Alan Smedley

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