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[Discuss] ZTree makes you look silly   [Discuss]

By: Martijn Coppoolse   Homepage   Voorburg, NL  
Date: Aug 12,2015 at 04:22
In Response to: [Discuss] Ztree makes you look silly (Peter Shute)

> A message filtered back to me that a boss had been exclaiming about
> me "still using that old thing from the 80s".
> I guess it could look that way if you didn't realise it wasn't the
> original Xtree, or that it was still being developed. The point though is
> that being seen to be using it might have its risks in the wrong
> environment.
> Anyone had a similar experience?

Yes... Just last week I was pair-testing with one of our adjunct directors (she's also one of the Netherlands' top experts in the relevant area, which is why we needed her to thoroughly check our calculation results). I noticed that she started out with the idea that my use of ZTreeWin was a symptom of, well, inflexibility on my part. Or, put slightly more diplomatically, a quirk of mine.

Some twelve hours of testing later, having seen me filter and tag files, compare entire branches for differences, at a speed she wouldn't have dreamt of, she'd adjusted her opinion somewhat, as evidenced by her remark: "I thought it was just a different Explorer... But it does have some tricks up its sleeve you wouldn't suspect at first glance."

That first glance is usually problematic, because people tend to stop looking after that, and remain with all the associations with the clunkiness of DOS-era programs.


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