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[Discuss] Ztree makes you look silly   [Discuss]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Aug 12,2015 at 11:36
In Response to: [Discuss] Ztree makes you look silly (Peter Shute)

> A message filtered back to me that a boss had been exclaiming about
> me "still using that old thing from the 80s".
> I guess it could look that way if you didn't realise it wasn't the
> original Xtree, or that it was still being developed. The point though is
> that being seen to be using it might have its risks in the wrong
> environment.
> Anyone had a similar experience?

On the contrary. Most people believe I am a magician and are just amazed when they see my fingers flying on the keyboard. :-)

Yet, they unfortunately (and unwisely) reckon ZTree seems too complicated too learn. Most of these people are "MS certified techies" that learn basically to click here and there in a given sequence without understanding clearly what they are doing. IMHO, and to paraphrase Martijn, it's a symptom of, well, inflexibility on THEIR part". ;-)

Laurent Duchastel

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