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[OT] Free anti-SPY tool for Windows 10 Alternative   [OT]

By: Ron Metzger       
Date: Aug 21,2015 at 11:27
In Response to: [OT] Free anti-SPY tool for Windows 10 (Victor Garcia)

> Hello everyone,
> This is for all the Windows 10 Testers.
> A good tweak tool, small, portable and free.
> http://www.oo-software.com/en/shutup10

Interesting product; thanks for the info.

I have been tracking other utils that do this as well. I found this one.

(c) Novicorp, 2015. Freeware.

"Remove Windows 10 Spying Features" is a simple tweaker application that aims
to solve this problem fast and clear.

Key features of the app:
- Delete "Diagnostics Tracking", "WAP Push Message" Services and Keylogger
- Disable domains for feedback
- Ban user specified unwanted domains
- Disable Unwanted scheduled tasks
- Remove unwanted Windows 10 Metro apps
- Disable AdvertisingID
- Disable websites to access your language list
- Disable speech, inking and typing knowing (disable Cortana)
- Disable web search in the search box
- Can add your own lines into the "hosts" file during the process
- Creates Restore Point to support rollback
- Free system resources like memory and CPU time; this makes notebooks to run a
little more time on the battery power
- It's multilanguage: English, Chinese, German, Russian
- Language autoselection on the app startup

- Small size, less than 400Kb
- It's 100% free, without ads and hidden activity

This tool shows what it is doing (or at least documents the manual approach).

I like how O&O's version allows for a backout procedure.

Ron Metzger

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