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[OT] Not losing my sync'd files, I hope.   [OT]

By: Leonard R. Miller     Locust Bayou, Arkansas  
Date: Aug 28,2015 at 23:28
In Response to: [OT] Not losing my sync'd files, I hope. (Laurent Duchastel)

> > I want to retire my 6 yr old desktop, win 7. Please let me bounce
> my
> > scheme against ya'll to see if it's sound.
> Seems fair if desktop was old.
> > My newer laptop is a 64 bit Dell and is faster and with more
> capacity.
> > After I got the Win 10 update I copied all my personal files from
> > desktop, syncing directories. Those folders are synced to cloud based
> > servers Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive (now built-in to win10), and
> > Dropbox.
> > Before updating my desktop to win10, then selling it, I'm leaning
> > toward reinstalling win7 (and reformatting) soas to not leave any
> > residual stray programs.
> Better: You update to Win10 for free FIRST. Then you can clean install
> Win10 *again* with a freshly reformatted hd. Unfortunately, you can't
> upgrade Win10 directly with a clean install, but in your case, that's a
> bonus.
> > Not being familiar with the rules of syncing, my question: Will
> > destroying my files on desktop threaten their copies on the cloud
> > servers?
> Beware. If you disassociate your PC from your cloud provider (by
> mistake, I suppose), all files on PC will be deleted. In any cloud
> scheme, the cloud is THE source repository, because you can have more
> files on cloud than on PC.
> If you are careful, nothing to worry however.
> This said, please please please consider seriously Crashplan, which has
> been a lifesaver for me and many more than once.
> >
> > To reinstall win7 on the desktop should I simply use the original
> disks
> > or should I create a new recovery disk -- and by doing so would that
> > create a more updated system since the desktop is current with win 7
> > updates?
> Update to Win10 from within Win7.
> When in Win10, retrieve Win10 ISO or USB installation with
> MediaToolsCreator (tools given by MS). Google "clean install Win10" for
> more info.
> Be sure that Win10 is activated. Activation is linked to PC
> (materially).
> Then reinstall Win10 with Win10 ISO with fresh clean total reformat
> first.
> You do not have to insert Win10 serial. When installed, Win10 will be
> activated by default because it would recognized this PC has already
> upgraded.
> Fresh clean install of Win10 is a mere 5 G on a fresh hard disk.

Sounds like good tips, Laurent. I'll have to mull over them several times to sink them into my thick skull.
Thanks, Len.

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