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[OT] Not losing my sync'd files, I hope.   [OT]

By: Leonard R. Miller     Locust Bayou, Arkansas  
Date: Aug 28,2015 at 23:30
In Response to: [OT] Not losing my sync'd files, I hope. (Alan Smedley)

> Leonard
> If I was doing this for myself or one of my friend I would be
> recommending that the drive in the old system be replaced and selling the
> system with the new drive installed. Drives are relatively cheap now.
> This would be a positive in the purchase for the buyer as they are not
> getting a seven year old hard drive.
> I would be keeping the old drive.
> That way you are also keeping your data away from prying eyes and will
> still retain all of the connections to your synced data if all else
> fails.
> In my experience drives should not really be depended on for much
> longer than the warranty.
> Alan Smedley

This makes good economic sense. Thanks, Alan.

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