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[OT] Free anti-SPY tool for Windows 10   [OT]

By: Andrew Watson     Perth, Western Australia  
Date: Aug 29,2015 at 08:02
In Response to: [OT] Free anti-SPY tool for Windows 10 (Alan Smedley)

> Currently I have no intention of venturing off into upgrading to
> Windows 10 but am waiting to see what the opinion of Andrew Watson is of
> the addons in this thread.
> Alan Smedley

Thank you for the vote of confidence. I haven't had a chance to look at them yet.

I am currently converting an HDD netbook to Windows 10 on an SSD.

1. Backup data

2. List installed programs

3. Trigger factory reset (ALT+F10 on an eMachines PC) to Windows 7

4. Use Windows 10 Media Creation Tool (Win 10 MCT)


to force Windows 10 upgrade. Wait while 4+ GB is downloaded over 2 Mb/s ADSL.


It's raining and the cable pits fill up with water. Of course, even at the height of the dry season we only get 6 Mb/s.

My mother is down to 0.2 Mb/s. We bought her a 4GX hotspot and she now gets 30 Mb/s. Only problem is the mobile data costs A$8/GB compared to her ADSL plan at A$0.25/GB. No more cat videos for her.

We were in Singapore for a 4 day holiday last weekend. There were ads everywhere for 1 Gb/s unlimited fiber for S$30/month. (1 SGD = 0.71 USD)

Our area is currently being cabled (fibered?) with switch-on scheduled for sometime next year. Because it's useless fiber to the node (last km is over copper), not fiber to the premises we will only get 12 Mb/s for the first 12 months. ADSL can't co-exist with high speed VDSL in the same cable ducts due to crosstalk between wires so they have to throttle it. When everyone is off ADSL they will remove the throttle but we can only get 25, 50 or 100 Mb/s for A$60, A$70 or A$80/month with 200 GB/month quota. (1 AUD = 0.72 USD)


5. Use Win 10 MCT to "burn" Win 10/32 to 8 GB USB drive. That's only another 4+ GB download.

6. Install SSD in PC.

7. Install Windows 10 off USB drive.

I'm only up to step 4. I considered cloning the HDD to the SSD but I want a totally clean build and even using the Win 10 MCT in "keep nothing" mode I'm not convinced it's clean because I believe it leaves the rollback to previous version files in situ.

This is the third time I've done this. The first time Win 10 wouldn't install in unclean Win 7. The second time I installed off a DVD run from inside clean Win 7 but Win 10 wouldn't authenticate.

You have to upgrade from inside Win 7 or 8 to qualify for free upgrade. The hardware IDs are hashed and sent to MS so that when you put in a new SSD and install Win 10 you don't need a serial number.

When I've finished all of the above I'll have a look at the privacy settings programs.

Andrew Watson

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