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[Wish] Do not overwrite history (ZTW.HST) with multiple instances   [Wish]

By: Art Kocsis     So Calif  
Date: Sep 01,2015 at 06:07
In Response to: [Wish] Do not overwrite history (ZTW.HST) with multiple instances (Chris F)

> (Possible bug?)
> When running ZTW it seems like the HST file is loaded once on start up
> and saved upon exit.
> This means that when running multiple instances of the client, all
> history is overwritten as you close each instance leaving the history in
> the state of the client that was closed last.

Add me to the list of multiple instance ZTW users.

I don't want to muddy Kim's developer waters too much with difficult fixes but I do have a couple of suggestions:

To me, the biggest problem is knowing which instance is which. This could be (easily?) fixed by appending a start time stamp to the title bar of each instance. This alone would allow preserving the most desired history by identifying a close order which is 90% of the problem.

What I do when I want to preserve the history from multiple instances is this:
1 - Rename the original ZTW.hst with a time stamp.
2 - Save the current instance history (via F3) and add its time stamp
3 - Repeat for each open instance
4 - Merge the individual history files (COPY ZTW*.hst /A ZTW-Merge.hst or use a text editor)
5 - Sort the merged file removing duplicates ( Use a text editor that removes duplicates while sorting. SORT ZTW-Merge.hst ZTW-Sort.hst could be used but it doesn't remove duplicates.)
6 - Rename/Copy the sorted file to ZTW.HST
7 - Reload ZTW.hst via F4 if desired
While seemingly complicated it goes fairly quick and not much of an annoyance if not required very often. Adding a "save as" option to the F3 "save" function would simplify this and offer some feedback that the save actually takes place.

@Bill Kingsbury
ZTW's temp folder locations can already be set via the ZTemp environment variable

Namaste', Art

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