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Wow! But I'm a bit late for that   [OT]

By: Leonard R. Miller     Locust Bayou, Arkansas  
Date: Sep 04,2015 at 11:19
In Response to: [Update] Clean install Win10 without having to update to it first (Laurent Duchastel)

> Read this trick this morning
> http://betanews.com/2015/08/31/how-to-do...-10-the-easy-way-no-upgrade-required/
> I didn't try it but found it worthy.

It certainly does look good -- but I had impatiently reformatted the disk. Poor decision because I don't have the original disks (only the system repair disk I had created). I've got good records, however, and will call Microsoft and somehow get authorization for a fresh download to reinstall win 7, then order the update to win 10.


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