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Delete from Subst Drive to Recycle bin   [Bug]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Sep 09,2015 at 02:05
In Response to: [Bug] Delete from Subst Drive to Recycle bin (Neville Young)

> Ztree has been the first program I install on a machine...Would be LOST without it.

Welcome Neville! Similar for me.

> Win8.1 does not send deleted files from a substitute drive to the
> recycle bin. They will recycle if deleted from the parent non-subst drive.

Same for me here (win7). Haven't looked for a solution yet.

(next post:)
> The delete to Recycle DOES work ! Great!

Is this win8.1 specific?  Here (win7) it doesn't.  I'd be glad if it did.
(On Logon I do a SUBST F: D:\subdir )

> Ok - made some changes in response to the instructions about
> installing under Program Files directory.

just curious: Which ones? Those hints in the '[Zeta] v2.4.161 Now Available' post?

And do you have a clue how/ why they fix the 'delete-to-bin on subst drives' issue?

Best regards,

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