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[Discuss] Ztree makes you look silly   [Discuss]

By: Steve Rawling     Sydney  
Date: Sep 25,2015 at 17:35
In Response to: [Discuss] Ztree makes you look silly (Slobodan Vujnovic)

Hi Slo

yeah! great attitude from Frances

I have also tried introducing people to that mind bogglingly fast program EVERYTHING from www.voidtools.com but no takers. It needs a high level of permission and setup to run on network drives though.

I cant even use it on my local drive at work because every exe must be approved and therefore purchaded by the organisation.i use it at home .luckily I got ztreewin approved and purchased back in 2004 and so an allowed to use it..eveb after mergers and takeovers..I cant imagine how clumsy I would be doing my work without ztreewin.

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