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[Wish] Catalog of Tagged Files Without Path Information   [Wish]

By: John Baum       
Date: Oct 06,2015 at 01:59

Is it possible to print a catalog of tagged files without printing the 'Path Information' normally supplied? Is it possible to only print filename, size, and date/time, i.e., to format the catalog in advance.

I would like to create a tab delimited file of all the files Alt Logged under a large, multibranched part of a hard disk. It is easy enough to replace the spaces with a tab and relatively easy to replace the attributes field with a tab using Word. The big hassle is removing the Path lines.

I plan to open the tabbed file, saved as *.csv, in Excel and analyze changes in file size, perhaps as a function of previous file size.

In the 1980's I did learn how to use Word Basic to write moderately complex macros but I've found VBA too opaque and abstract.

I can sort or see the process now,

Find "Path"

Return to the start of the line

Search down and select 2 'paragraphs' and delete them.

Repeat to end of document

I could avoid all that if ZTree let me omit the lines reporting the Path and the number of tagged files in that Path.



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