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Ctrl-Batch - and a bug?   [Wish]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Oct 07,2015 at 19:31
In Response to: Ctrl-Batch (Martijn Coppoolse)

> Yes, using Ctrl-Batch:
> From your window (i.e. the Tree window ;-P), open a [B]ranch,
> [G]lobal or [S]howall, whichever shows all the tagged files you want to
> print.Press [Ctrl-B]atch.Enter the filename you want to
> print your catalog to, or color="#003399">CLIP: to print the list to the clipboard,
> and press ENTER.Enter the formatting of each line, using the
> parameters %1 through %8 and %d, %s etc. (press F1 for the full list),
> and press ENTER.
> The file you specified (or the clipboard) now contains the list of
> tagged files, formatted in the way you want it.

Is there any way of entering a tab character into the line mask? It might simplify reading it into Excel later. I think the alternative is to use spaces and to put quotes around the filename parameters.

I was able to copy and paste a tab from a text editor into the mask, but I noticed that if I had something like %4.%5[tab]%d then where a filename contained a space, it would put quotes around the entire line instead of just the filename.
E.g. "aaa ddd.sdfdfs sdffdsgfdg 8-10-2015 10:14:47 "

Is this a bug? I'm running 2.4.155.

If I use this mask, it does it correctly: %4.%5 [tab]%d. But then you've got an extra space in the line.

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