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[OT] Windows 10 - identifying the active window   [OT]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Oct 19,2015 at 16:46
In Response to: [OT] Windows 10 - identifying the active window (Doug Borg)

> What about border control of the active window, specifically thickness
> and color? Is it possible to change that like it was possible in WinXP?
> I'm guessing not, because Office apps beginning with Office 2010 don't
> allow it, but most other standard apps allow it if one changes the system
> theme to WinXP classic, like I have done on my Win7 laptop. All of my
> windows have a thick red border when they have the focus.
> What does Win10 allow?

I haven't experimented with it too much. I'm trusting the many articles complaining and offering bad solutions that it can't be easily fixed. Hopefully the next update that Andrew mentioned will make us all happy.

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