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[Discuss] Full screen mode a mess   [Discuss]

By: Andreas Boehlk     Celle, Germany  
Date: Oct 26,2015 at 06:22
In Response to: [Discuss] Full screen mode a mess (Peter Shute)

> I've rarely use any programs in full screen mode, and would never
> contemplate using Ztree that way, but I just accidentally pressed
> Alt+Enter instead of Control+Enter, and that's what I got. This is
> Windows 10, not sure if that shortcut works with previous versions.
> Anyway, it made a mess of Ztree, with text strewn all across the screen
> instead of in its correct place. I pressed Alt+F7 to try to correct it,
> but got a blank screen. Alt+Enter again fixed it.
> I can't see anyone wanting to run in full screen mode, so it probably
> doesn't matter, but should Ztree behave a little better than this?

I assume that there are more important issues for improving this great software ZTree than wasting time for having a better look in the Alpha Version of the spy software called Win10.



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