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[Bug, Minor] Statistics Window Update Failures   [Bug]

By: Art Kocsis     So Calif  
Date: Nov 07,2015 at 06:45
In Response to: How Statistics Window works (Liviu)

>> The values are correct only for the disk that was in focus when the
>> "/" key was first pressed.

> That's the expected behavior, per help 1.6.2:

1.6.2 Extended Statistics Window [Help file text]
The initial information shown is for the drive of the currently selected directory or file. Use the < or > keys to switch drives while the statistics are displayed. Press F3 to refresh the statistics for the displayed drive.

I respectfully beg to differ. The help file says the initial ESW info displayed is for the currently selected drive and it is. It does not say that it will display incorrect values when switching drives. In fact it would make no sense to intentionally display incorrect values when switching drives by only updating some of the displayed values. Also, the help text specifically states that F3 will refresh the statistics but, again, the three incorrect values are not updated. That clearly is a bug.

One of the great features of ZTree is the consistent behavior of commands across its many modes of operation. Switching drives while in the ESW should be no different than while in the DW or FW in that all the data displayed is updated to reflect the currently displayed drive. In fact, if one could not trust ZTree's displayed values it would be pretty worthless.

> Switching between drives while in the statistics window does *not* change
> the current drive/directory/file window. In fact, it would make no sense
> to attempt to change it, since in an F8 split screen one could have the
> same drive remembered on both sides with different current directories,
> tag lists etc.

In the F8 split screen mode it is quite common to have different current directories and attributes for the two sides. That is exactly the prime function for a split screen - whether for the same or for different drives. If both sides were limited to the same directory/attributes then why bother with a split screen?

While switching between drives in the ESW apparently does not change the current drive for the DW or FW, I would argue that it should for both consistency and convenience reasons. If that was intentional then that behavior is a good candidate for a configuration option.


Namaste', Art

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