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How Statistics Window works   [Bug]

By: Liviu       
Date: Nov 07,2015 at 08:08
In Response to: [Bug, Minor] Statistics Window Update Failures (Art Kocsis)

>>> The values are correct only for the disk that was in focus when the
>>> "/" key was first pressed.
>> That's the expected behavior, per help 1.6.2:

You clipped off the one line I quoted from help 1.6.2 which is, in fact, relevant.

|| Displayed files - The number and total size of files displayed in the current Directory or File Window.

> 1.6.2 Extended Statistics Window [Help file text]
> --------------------------------
> The initial information shown is for the drive of the currently
> selected directory or file. Use the < or > keys to switch drives while
> the statistics are displayed. Press F3 to refresh the statistics for the
> displayed drive. [...]

Note that the text you quote above refers to switching *drives*. It makes no mention of changing the current directory or file window. That's not accidental, since those do *not* change, as you noted yourself later. And the only two statistics that refer to "the current Directory or File Window" are "Displayed files" and "Average size", which - quite predictably - don't change either, and still reflect the *current* directory/file window which doesn't change during the process.

> I respectfully beg to differ. The help file says the initial ESW
> info displayed is for the currently selected drive and it is. It does
> not say that it will display incorrect values when switching drives.

You must have a funny notion of "incorrect" ;-) The values are displayed as very plainly documented in the help file. Feel free to submit a ZEP, but don't call it a bug.

> In the F8 split screen mode it is quite common to have different
> current directories and attributes for the two sides. That is exactly the
> prime function for a split screen - whether for the same or for different
> drives. If both sides were limited to the same directory/attributes then
> why bother with a split screen?

Exactly. So when you do submit a ZEP for the *current* directory/file stats to change when you switch drives, please make sure to specify *which* of potentially multiple current directory/file windows it should switch to.


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