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Scroll non-focus window with Wizmouse - Add mouse pointer to tablet   [Tip]

By: Andrew Watson     Perth, Western Australia  
Date: Nov 19,2015 at 03:29
In Response to: [Q] Win7 Explorer & wheel focus (Hartmut Schneider)

> Does anyone know a fix to this? (Microsoft or Third-party)



I used Wizmouse in previous versions of Windows. It's not an earth shattering, show stopper if I don't have it feature but it is nice to have.

What is a show stopper is the inability to (reliably - you may jag it sometimes) select tiny menu items on 7 or 8 inch Win 8.x or 10 tablets. The following much more useful utility adds a mouse pointer on a touch screen.

Touch Mouse Pointer

Free and does everything I want which is add a mouse pointer to a tablet.


Has been renamed to:

Tablet PC Mouse

There is a free trial now but it won't be free once it comes out of beta. It has a lot more features that I don't need such as turning screen into a games controller or a drawing tablet.


Andrew Watson

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