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[Bug] Issue with #ZTTools-Variable in F9 Menu   [Bug]

By: Liviu       
Date: Nov 28,2015 at 03:53
In Response to: [Bug] Issue with #ZTTools-Variable in F9 Menu (Thomas Salein)

>> That is not my understanding. I have not seen it extend or add to PATH.
>> I believe it simply gives you a configurable and somewhat dynamic
>> reference to the ZTree tools directory. Use it within the F9 menus as
>> appropriate to the commands issued.


> Thank you for your answer. Yes, of course, "%#ZTTools%\tfc.exe"
> would find the exe, but then I could also call it via its full path.
> What would be the advantage of #ZTTools?

The advantage of #ZTTools is that you can set it to a path relative to the ZTree installation (or any arbitrary environment variable of your choice). My #ZTTools for example is set to '%#ZTHome%\..'. As long as I copy ZTree's own directory and its parent directory to any storage, I don't need to worry if I run it on my local machine or off a USB stick or off a symlink'd directory. You say that "I could also call it via its full path", but hardcoding the "full path" would completely break portability.

> ... and furthermore:
> "G #ZTTools path: #ZTHome
> Set this option to define an environment variable where F9 and other
> external scripts launched by ZTreeWin can locate desired support and
> utility programs. Environment variables may be used in the defined path."

Emphasis on "can locate". #ZTTools gives you a way to "locate" utilities that reside in a path relative to #ZTHome (or some other '%environment-variable%'). You still have to actually use #ZTTools to build a full path when calling them.


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