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[Bug] Issue with #ZTTools-Variable in F9 Menu   [Bug]

By: Thomas Salein     Germany  
Date: Nov 28,2015 at 07:58
In Response to: [Bug] Issue with #ZTTools-Variable in F9 Menu (Liviu)

Sorry, that's not my philosophy. If you set #ZTTools to %#ZTHome%\.. you pack every tool in that parent directory? Isn't that hat a mess? I would never put all my tool binaries, batches, archiving programmes incl. help files etc. in that directory on my home computer.

My strategy was to put the most important tools that I need because they are referenced in my F9 menu in a subdirectory of ztree\, other programmes in subdirs of it, e.g. notepad++ portable which comes with a bunch of files and subdirs, then call that notepad++-executable via a batch file myeditor32bit.bat, because with such a batch file I am more flexible, and could change it quickly to another editor without having to reconfigure ZTree or change my F9 menu entries. Copying just the directory ztree\ to a usb stick would be enough.

Today the problem is my bigger number of F9 menu entries, which would have to be edited to check if the programm resides in some path directory or has to addressed explicitly as %#ZTTools%\myprogram.exe .

Why can't ZTree firstly search in the #ZTTools directory, if unsuccessful, call the system path? That wouldn't touch your solution but enhance the possibilities.


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