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[Bug] Alt-C not working correctly   [Bug]

By: Doug Borg     Newton, MA, USA  
Date: Dec 02,2015 at 04:51
In Response to: [Bug] Alt-C not working correctly (Alan Smedley)

> Hi Kim and all ZtreeWIN users.
> I use the Alt-C in F8 dual pane mode to compare two sub-directory
> trees. No all the time but often.
> I am now finding in the current version 2.4.162 that doing this brings
> up a Windows Menu and not the desired function in ZtreeWIN. I am unsure
> how long ago or at what version this started to happen but definitely in
> the last two or three weeks.
> I am using Windows 7 x64 Ultimate that is all up to date.
> Thanks
> Alan Smedley

I use Alt-C in F8 dual pane mode many times daily. I am having no trouble with it whatsoever.

I am using ZTW v2.4.162 running on Windows 7 Enterprise x64, fully patched.

Have you installed new software recently that might have captured the Alt-C key combination?

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