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[Bug] Move skipping tagged file.   [Bug]

By: Chris F       
Date: Dec 22,2015 at 21:48
In Response to: [Bug] Move skipping tagged file. (Chris F)

Actually may have reproduced what I was seeing - my description above may not be correct.

Steps to reproduce:
- CTRL-A (select all)
- CTRL-M (move files)

(make sure moving is a slow operation)

- Press ESC (cancel operation)
- Press N (no - continue operation)

Pressing escape and resuming, causes the file pointer to move to the next file on the list, not repeat the current file it was in the middle of moving.

So if you press ESC,N,ESC,N many times, lots of files will be skipped.

Possible change. After pressing escape giving the following options:

Cancel Operation?
[Y]es, [N]o, [S]kip current file.

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