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Use history?   [Wish]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Feb 05,2016 at 21:00
In Response to: Use history? (Alan P Brown)

> >
> > And you could tag all but the first
> > file and use the history to get the initial date to increment for
> your
> > second problem.
> >
> That is pretty much what I am doing, although I missed the trick of
> setting the start date on first and second files and then just
> incrementing from the second... thanks for that.

A macro could ease the process, although it would not increment timestamp by itself.
But, you could easily get timestamp from another file, then recall it from history to apply it to the first file.

Why increment is important to you? For setting a particular order?
Is the value of the increment important (must be exactly something?)
How many files to process?

How about this ?

a) Rename files to be timestamped with a mask which add an incremental number on if (see 3.3.1) along with some unique delimiter such as *< ¶¶¶:01:¶¶¶>.*
b) Ctrl-N file with date (or use macro).
c) Then with macro, rename a file, navigate to incremental number with arrows and Ctr-arrows, copy it to clipboard, delete number and markers, rename, than timestamp, change seconds by pasting incremental number.
d) redo Alt-F12 as much as necessary.

I use macro often for tedious and unorthodox tasks that filters, masks or batch could not do.
I find that typing a hundred times Alt-F12 + a key or two more (for custom input) to be very manageable. In 5 to 10 minutes, I can solve many files oddities with breeze.

Ctrl-F12 allows to record a large amount of keystrokes.
Alt-F12 execue the last macro plays (beware)
F12 calls a macro saved (use history)

Laurent Duchastel

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