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Use history?   [Wish]

By: Alan P Brown     UK  
Date: Feb 08,2016 at 03:48
In Response to: Use history? (Laurent Duchastel)

Thanks for your suggestion; it has flexibility, but more than I actually need in this case.

I just want to restore the creation date for a series of weekly log files.
Ctrl-New Date (increment mode) offers all that I need for the incrementing apart from the minor "problem" of getting the initial date/time.
It is not such a huge problem, just taking the 12 digit date/time from one file, subtracting a week and typing it back in. Thanks to Peter's suggestion, I can avoid the rather arduous subtraction, but the use of F8 to copy details from the file in the other pane would be useful and entirely consistent with other usage for F8.

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