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[Bug] Random folder sorting with period   [Bug]

By: Chris F       
Date: Mar 18,2016 at 04:12
In Response to: [Bug] Random folder sorting with period (Peter Shute)

> > Folders get sorted correctly from the section before the period,
> but
> > afterwards the numeric part rotates through with random sorting.
> I don't know what you mean by "section before the period".
> I'm not seeing anything odd in v2.4.161. What type of sorting are you
> using? Name? I guess whatever it is, you'd at least expect the order not
> to change after a refresh.

The folders are made up of two parts - the "aaa" section and the ".1" section.

By pressing F3, the folders re-ordered randomly, but not completely random. The aaa and bbb parts of the folders remain correct, the second half does not.

So it basically sorts randomly in 2 groups based on the first half of the folder name.

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