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[Wish] Execute toggle and indicator   [Wish]

By: Chris F       
Date: Apr 01,2016 at 07:29

There are 2 types of execute:

- X (inline)
- CTRL X (new window)

I use both of these a lot and alternate between them depending on what task I'm doing at the time.

What I would like to see is:

1) Firstly an indicator in the execute window (header) to let me know which mode it's in.

Often I'm in the execute window and i have to - SELECT all, cut, ESC, CTRL X, Paste, ENTER to make sure I'm definitely spawning a new window.

2) Have the ability to toggle modes without having to exit the execute window.

This way I can press the toggle hot-key (whatever it is) and switch to the correct mode without having to re-edit or copy the current command line that i've typed out.

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