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By: Martijn Coppoolse   Homepage   Voorburg, NL  
Date: Apr 05,2016 at 03:59
In Response to: [Discuss] ZPreview? (Paul Laufer)

> I was wondering if anything new has happened in the realm of
> ZPreview lately?
> http://www.ztw3.com/forum/forum_entry.php?id=118571
> Last I heard was 1.02, which was a little over a year ago.

Not really, I'm afraid. I implemented a threaded version last summer, which is a lot faster, but it still throws the occasional exception, requiring a restart of the previewer. I'll need to refactor some bits in order for that to work properly.

Then I went on holiday, then got very busy at work; in short, life got in the way. Having two kids also means I've got less time for side projects like these. :-\

I'll see if I can get ZPreview stable enough for a new release before our third one is here. :-)

I do have a redesign drawn up for a slightly more intuitive user interface, but that's been gathering dust on the drawing board as well. There's so many other interesting things happening in the software development world, as well...


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