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[Discuss] Seer is a *fantastic* ZTree file previewer   [Discuss]

By: Chris F       
Date: Apr 11,2016 at 01:11
In Response to: [Discuss] Seer is a *fantastic* ZTree file previewer (Doug Borg)

> Now, when I have a file of interest in the highlight bar, I simply
> press Alt-V and presto! The file is previewed! Move the highlight bar
> to a different file, press Alt-V again to refresh the preview. Press
> Alt-V a second time and change-o! The preview is gone!
> Awesome. I've been waiting for a PDF and PNG/JPG previewer for ZTree
> forever.
> Thank you, Bill!

I did that and it worked great (I tested using the txt files in the seer folder).

However, when I try a file other folder it fails. I get a Win10 notice saying "Notice: xyz.txt not found".

Is there a permissions issue?

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