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[Discuss] Seer is a *fantastic* ZTree file previewer   [Discuss]

By: Andreas Hagele     Auckland, NZ  
Date: Apr 11,2016 at 19:09
In Response to: [Discuss] Seer is a *fantastic* ZTree file previewer (Doug Borg)

> Now, when I have a file of interest in the highlight bar, I simply
> press Alt-V and presto! The file is previewed! Move the highlight bar
> to a different file, press Alt-V again to refresh the preview. Press
> Alt-V a second time and change-o! The preview is gone!

Would be nice if it would pop up automatically (without the Alt-v thing). A bit like the, I think, "assist" feature was working.

Also for me it always pops up in the middle on the primary screen. It does remember it's last screen position

And portrait jpegs don't get rotated the right way up.

Otherwise a nice little tool.

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