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[Tip] Finding dirs I don't have access to   [Tip]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Apr 15,2016 at 00:48

This is a continuation of this thread:

In that thread, I was looking for a way to find out which dirs I didn't have permission to log. E.g. if you log your entire C: drive, there will be dirs here and there you can't log. You only get a warning for the first one, and Ztree skips over the remaining ones. They can be many levels deep, and scattered among thousands of dirs, so they're hard to see.

Several methods were proposed, but none were convenient. I've just discovered the shift+Page Up/Down command. It jumps to next/previous unlogged dir. This is exactly what I was after.

It appears that this was introduced with v1.70 RC1 in 2008, 6 years before I asked the question! The recent discussion about Ztree development reminded me that I wanted that feature, and I just searched the help file for "unlogged" on the off chance it was there.

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