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List the unloggable Windows Junctions   [Tip]

By: Bill Kingsbury       
Date: Apr 16,2016 at 16:32
In Response to: Re: Finding dirs I don't have access to (Peter Shute)

> > Some unlogged directories could be those you've previously and
> > intentionally excluded in ZNOLOG.INI.
> Not in my case, I never use that. I probably should. In my case it's
> dirs I don't have security permissions for.

Here's a way to "work around" ZTree's ZNOLOG.INI settings -- with the exception of the Junctions that are installed along with Windows, and that cannot be logged. (Junctions have the "J" attribute, as seen in Alt-Info.) And normally, System Volume Information cannot be logged.

To bypass the ZNOLOG.INI settings, re-log the drive from the root directory, using a command similar to Alt-Log-Branch, but use Alt-Log,'U' (Unlogged branches only) instead.

After that, you can use the Shift+Page Up/Down command (that you described), knowing that you're not bypassing any "loggable" directories.

To "list" all of Windows Junction directories, sWitch to Dir mode, Showall, and Alt-Tag only the directories that have +S+H attributes, and then compact the list using Ctrl-Enter... Next, untag only the directories that are (usually) colored light-blue (bright cyan), and compact the list again. Those remaining, tagged directories will all have the "J" attribute -- a list of the "unloggable" Junction directories (their "origins"). To determine their "destinations", F8 slpit screen, and use Treespec to "go there".

It might be interesting if ZTree could tag the 'J'-attribute directories "directly" (when in Dir mode), in a single step, like it can do with the R,A,S,H attributes...

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