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A better List of the Windows Junctions   [Tip]

By: Bill Kingsbury       
Date: Apr 16,2016 at 14:31
In Response to: List the unloggable Windows Junctions (Bill Kingsbury)

> To "list" all of the Windows Junction directories, sWitch to Dir mode,
> Showall, and Alt-Tag only the directories that have +S+H attributes,
> and then compact the list using Ctrl-Enter... Next, untag only the
> directories that are (usually) colored light-blue (bright cyan), and
> compact the list again. Those remaining, tagged directories will all have
> the "J" attribute -- a list of the "unloggable" Junction directories
> (their "origins"). To determine their "destinations", F8 slpit
> screen, and use Treespec to "go there".

I thought using Treespec to jump to the Junction Target worked, but now it doesn't seem to... oh, well. Anyone know how to do that?

Anyway... Here's how to generate a list of all the unloggable Windows "Reparse Points" -- either as a screenshot image, or as a text file. The list has columns for Type, Name, Original Path, Target Path, and Creation Time -- for every Junction or Symlink, etc.. Most of the paths are under C:\Users\ , and a few are under C:\ProgramData\ . For example, 44 junctions are listed by default for Windows 7, plus any junctions installed by applications, etc..

You can produce this nicely-formatted list by runnng the optional scan titled: "Repair Reparse Points", which is included in the free "Tweaking.com - Windows Repair" program. The current version 3.8.6 is dated 2016-04-11, and a Portable version is available:


On the 2nd tab of the main window, that's labelled "Step 2: Optional", click on the icon for "Open Repair Reparse Points". That's the small, square icon, on the upper-right, that looks like a white "tri-fold" with a blue, curvey line. Clicking that icon opens the "Repair Reparse Points" window, where you'll click on: "1. Scan Reparse Points". The scan takes 20-30 seconds.

To view the results, click on the wide tab at the top, right. Resize the window, and "Sort by column", to optimize the view, and take a screenshot. (First, you can click the window title-bar, which removes the selection highlight.) ... Otherwise, click an icon in the lower-right corner, to save a text copy of the results, or to copy the data to the clipboard.

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