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List the unloggable Windows Junctions - here's how I do it   [Tip]

By: Doug Borg     Newton, MA, USA  
Date: Apr 17,2016 at 11:12
In Response to: List the unloggable Windows Junctions (Bill Kingsbury)

> To "list" all of Windows Junction directories, sWitch to Dir mode,
> Showall, and Alt-Tag only the directories that have +S+H attributes, and
> then compact the list using Ctrl-Enter... Next, untag only the
> directories that are (usually) colored light-blue (bright cyan), and
> compact the list again. Those remaining, tagged directories will all have
> the "J" attribute -- a list of the "unloggable" Junction directories
> (their "origins"). To determine their "destinations", F8 slpit
> screen, and use Treespec to "go there".
> It might be interesting if ZTree could tag the 'J'-attribute
> directories "directly" (when in Dir mode), in a single step, like it
> can do with the R,A,S,H attributes...

But it can. Unless I'm misunderstanding you, this is really easy and here's how I do it:

Fully log the drive from the root
Switch to Dir Mode
Alt-Tag for Attributes
Type "+J" and press Enter

You're done, I think. You can Ctrl-S to show only those directories with the +J attribute set, which on my system look like all the junctions and only the junctions, and batch file them with Ctrl-B to save the list to a file.

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