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Why don't these 3 programs agree with ZTree's 'J' list?   [Tip]

By: Bill Kingsbury       
Date: Apr 17,2016 at 14:54
In Response to: List the unloggable Windows Junctions - here's how I do it (Doug Borg)

> > It might be interesting if ZTree could tag the 'J'-attribute
> > directories "directly" (when in Dir mode), in a single step,
> > like it can do with the R,A,S,H attributes...
> But it can. Unless I'm misunderstanding you, this is really easy and
> here's how I do it:
> Fully log the drive from the root
> Switch to Dir Mode
> Alt-Tag for Attributes
> Type "+J" and press Enter
> You're done, I think. You can Ctrl-S to show only those directories
> with the +J attribute set, which on my system look like all the junctions
> and only the junctions, and batch file them with Ctrl-B to save the list
> to a file.

Yes, that's working now. I tried nearly the same thing yesterday, except for the "Alt-Tag for Attributes", I used: +S+H+J (...and that's in my ZTree History). Strange that it didn't seem to work then.

Today, on Windows 7, tagging for +S+H+J gives 52 results for junctions, and tagging for +J, produces 54 results. (The extra two are "non-Windows junctions", installed by applications.)

Now here's something I don' understand yet:

ZTree finds _54_ "junction directories" -- but I've also run three (3) other programs that "agree".. They indicate that my same Windows 7 has _46_ junctions (...where two are the "non-Windows junctions").

So is it 46, or 54 junctions...?

The three programs that list 46 junction points, are:

1) NTFSLinksView 1.16 x64 (portable) - from Nirsoft:

2) Junction 1.06 (command line) - from Sysinternals:

3) the "Repair Reparse Points" part of "Tweaking.com - Windows Repair":

( The last one definitely produces the best "output display" (chart with columns), if you want a nice screenshot. Also, the one from Nirsoft will save a tab-delimited text output. The output of Junction from Sysinternals is "ugly", but all three programs give the same list of 46 results.)

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