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[Bug] Possible bug with history   [Bug]

By: Chris F       
Date: Apr 18,2016 at 23:04

I just had a crash on the filter history screen.

As it was for an older version 2.4.162, I'm placing this separate instead of against a particular release. I had a look through the release notes of the last 2 releases and couldn't find anything similar.

As this only happened once, I have been unable to reproduce it, but hopefully it might point to something.

Basically what I did was the following.

* On filter, I pressed up to access history screen.
* I then deleted a few entries.
* I then sorted a few times and deleted more entries
* I then pressed enter to select an item
* I then pressed up again
* I think I then pressed sort

After that I thought I saw a few entries that I'd already deleted

* I clicked delete on those and that's when it crashed.

So looks like it was trying to delete an already deleted record and crashed due to a null reference or something.

As I wasn't paying attention for a bug I'm not 100% on the details, but the above was my best recollection.

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