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ZTree's MegaView on Junctions   [Tip]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Apr 20,2016 at 18:48
In Response to: ZTree's MegaView on Junctions (Bill Kingsbury)

> How did you get ZTree to list the junction targets?
> I'm not seeing any targets displayed (this, in Dir Mode).

Ctrl-F7 must be typed in 'File' window.
If in Tree window, you're doing 'Tag Branch' instead.

-Go to e.g C:\Users\[you]
-sWitch to Dir mode
-Go into 'File' window (press Enter or [B]ranch)
--> directories under C:\Users\[you] are displayed

-Now press Ctrl-F7
-> ZTree should display sort of what I posted as screenshot before:
Directory name at the left, and for each junction the destination, enclosed in brackets.

Press Ctrl-F7 a second time to return to normal 'File' view.

In case you don't see any targets:
Have you probably set up special config options?


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