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[Discuss] Changing TXT editor (SIGH)   [Discuss]

By: Art Kocsis     So Calif  
Date: Apr 28,2016 at 15:37
In Response to: [Discuss] Changing TXT editor (SIGH) (Paul Laufer)

> I've been a TSEPro text editor user for some 20 years, but because
> of its limitation on line length I've had to switch to Notepad++ lately.
> Then recently I had to edit a 2 GIG and a 8 GIG .SQL file and Notepad++
> was unable to open files that large. So I searched a little and found
> Ultra Edit. http://www.ultraedit.com The 30 day demo did the job and
> seemed to be quite feature rich, stable and well supported.
> I am not one to change text editors lightly, but I'm considering
> purchasing Ultra Edit. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

Ultra Edit has been around forever and is a good editor. However, there are lots of good editors. Which one is best for you depends on which one matches the feature set you need. And you can install more than one, especially the freebies such as NotePad++, PsPad, etc. My mainstay editors are NoteTab and HxD.

NoteTab has a size limit of 2 GB, has free and paid versions, supports RegEx, features a builtin script processor (which is almost a full programming language), and a user customizable toolbar and clipbar. Clips are user defined functions which may be simple or major complex and may be invoked via a single click on a clipbar icon. The combination of custom functions and the clipbar gives me a plethora of tools one click away.

HxD is a freeware Hex editor that is a must for every nerd's toolbox. It can access and edit disks, RAM and files. It has seemingly unlimited size restraints. It will "load" a 4 TB disk in less than one second. It obviously does not load in the normal sense but I get full access from the beginning of the disk to its end almost instantaneously. Similarly for files. It is a great tool for simple edits of extremely large files.

Namaste', Art

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